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UVV is one of the best universities in the world. And it’s capixaba.  

Universidade Vila Velha is a higher education institution considered the best private university in Brazil. The institution is committed to academic excellence with the main goal of transforming knowledge into innovation.  


Know our history 

On March 5th of 1976, the Centro Superior de Ciências Sociais de Vila Velha was inaugurated, marking the beginning of our educational journey. In subsequent years, we expanded our campus, and on March 1, 2001, Centro Universitário Vila Velha was born. This transformation was a crucial step in our pursuit of academic excellence.  

On December 21th of 2011, Centro Universitário Vila Velha reached a significant milestone when it evolved into Universidade Vila Velha. From that moment forward, we proudly became the first and only private university in Espírito Santo.  

Nowadays, Universidade Vila Velha (UVV) stands as a beacon of higher education in the state of Espírito Santo, situated in southeastern Brazil. Our presence spans four distinct campuses: The Main Campus, the Highline Building, the Bioprática Campus, and the EcoFarm. We take pride in offering a diverse array of programs across five broad fields: arts, business, commerce, information technology, and science. Our undergraduate curriculum comprises 50 courses, serving a vibrant community of 15,000 students.  

Our graduate programs have achieved remarkable advancements, boasting 12 Stricto Sensu programs encompassing master’s and doctorate degrees in different areas. Additionally, we offer over 40 Lato Sensu programs. Our commitment to research is evident as students, from the undergraduate level onward, actively participate in diverse research initiatives.  

At the heart of our mission lies the commitment to transform knowledge into innovation. Our unique approach combines teaching, research, and extension to craft innovative projects aimed at catalyzing societal transformation.  

We have earned the distinction of being recognized as the top-ranked private university in Brazil, as validated by the Ministry of Education (MEC). Furthermore, our impact has resonated on the international stage, as we’ve secured positions in the renowned Times Higher Education and QS Rankings, underscoring our position among the world’s foremost higher education institutions.” 


Outreach Programs   

The purpose of Outreach is to establish a relationship between the Institution and other sectors of Society, aiming for engagement directed towards the interests and needs of the population, as well as participating in regional development and public policies. 



Center for academic research and support actions for refugees in Espírito Santo.  


Simulations and participation in competitions of appropriate methods for conflict resolution in Law and International Relations. 


Legal advice services in the areas of labor, social security, family and civil law.  


The CCMA of the Law course promotes the adequate and peaceful methods of conflict resolution. 


Center that helps with legal, social and psychological support for women victims of violence.  

  • NEP- UVV 

Center that helps families residing in Vila Velha with architectural projects, budget spreadsheets and monitoring the execution of works. 


Project for psycho-pedagogical support, mentoring, promotion of life quality and mental health that UVV Medicine offers its students. 


Center which tackles issues of gender and sexuality within the university 


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