Studying in Brazil at UVV
Introducing the University Vila Velha (UVV) to the English-speaking foreign students

The University Vila Velha is located in the metropolitan area of Vitória, which is situated in the state of Espirito Santo (ES), a coastal region located between the states of Rio de Janeiro and Bahia, the most famous of Brazil.

Our region has tropical climate, bathed by beautiful beaches with a huge tourism potential. In economy, the state of Espirito Santo stands out with a strong port vein, major offshore oil reserves and great business opportunities.

UVV is the oldest and largest private university in the entire region, with more than 13,000 students studying and frequenting the campus. It was born in 1974 and in four decades won the highest status in the Brazilian Academy, offering over fifty courses, numerous MBA courses, four masters and two doctorates, all officially consecrated and recognized at the national level.



International Programs / Courses

The individual studying exchange is directed towards foreign students who wish to come studying in one of several undergraduate and postgraduate programs offered by UVV.
Duration 6 months (can be extended to a year).

The short-term courses are directed towards foreign partner universities and offered to their respective students that come to Brazil in groups accompanied by some of their professors.
The University of Vila Velha embraces the most varied academic areas and stands ready to welcome foreign students along with some of their teachers belonging to the same undergraduate degree at the partner university: Business, Law, Ecosystem, Social work and Sports.
The classes are ministered in English by the professors from UVV, all of them holders of Master’s degree or Doctorates, with recognized experience in the labor market.
The stay can be realized either in a family house, either in the university’s accommodations or in a hotel; and includes field and touristic trips. All the Study abroad courses are linked to a travel package.
Available throughout the year (duration of about 1, 2 or 3 weeks).

Hoping that our University arouses your interest, we would be very pleased to receive you in Brazil! For further information, contact us!